Food safety is our priority at Asval.

In our state of the art facility we go beyond regular practices adopting rigourous processes that ensure that every fruit and vegetable is sanitatized and prepared with utmost care, starting with the purified water we use to wash them, to the sanitized processing lines and final packaging, giving you peace of mind.

HACCP Certification

We are have adopted the following in our plant:

HACCP certification issued by PRIMUS LABS
Continuous microbiological lab tests using our in-house lab as well as 3rd party labs
Sanitation program following the American Institute of Bakers Methodology
Sanitation program with Master Sanitation Schedule (MSS) tracking
Centralized chlorination system that constantly monitors chlorine level
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Q&A / Q&C

Our quality control personnel is responsible for monitoring the overall process, also include the temperature, pH, and chlorine levels and so on.  After the fresh-cut produce has been washed, our quality control staff also checks the temperature of the finished product and visually inspects the freshly cut produce before and during packaging.